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We seeks to deliver significant outperformance by identifying mispriced stocks with changing growth profiles and building concentrated portfolios of those stocks.

Prosperitas team have a strong absolute return orientation and we invest across the mid-cap companies through a consolidated portfolio. Our stock selection strategy is neither top-down nor does it gravitate towards a particular sector and stocks are usually held for 3 to 5 years. We follow a rigorous research process that spans the entire ecosystem in which the company operates, before making decision to invest. Some of the key factors we consider for investing in any company are:

  • Minimal or no sell-side coverage
  • Stock is trading at a reasonable price
  • Strong corporate governance with a professional and sound management team
  • Bottom-Up research
  • Good dividend payment history with excellent financial discipline
  • Well established with a strong growth potential

Financial markets can be volatile, but we will respond to these changes, rebalancing portfolios to reflect the short-term trading environment while still meeting long-term investment goals. We actively manage the risk of all portfolios, in line with investors’ investment objectives and risk profile, and keep investors updated with the latest developments in their portfolio.