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Prosperitas TEAM ensures that the time, effort, investments and most importantly the trust that our investors have reposed in us are repaid not just monetarily, but with a solid base and sound understanding that helps build a long lasting relationship. We have over 40+ year of combined finance, investment and fund management experience, including the withering of versatile market conditions like 2008 GFC.


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Bharti Amul Shah

With a corporate finance background spanning nearly two decades, Bharti brings an analytical mind, sound investment skills and a highly client-driven agenda to her role as a CFO. She is responsible for managing the risk and cash-flows simultaneously.

Her natural proficiency with figures and analytics was furthered while working with companies such as Jet airways, G.W. King, Standard Chartered Bank, ANZ Investment Bank & Mizuho Corporate Bank just to name a few.

Bharti focuses on tracking & analysing latest financial market developments and identifying & evaluating strategic investment opportunities, all the while balancing the need for consistently delivering superior returns to all stakeholders of Prosperitas. She adds value to our portfolios with her key insights and inestimable advice.





Amul Mahendra Shah

Amul is passionate about sustainability and started Prosperitas with a sole purpose of building a portfolio of businesses to consistently deliver superior return to all stakeholders.

Today, under Amul’s vision and leadership, Prosperitas is a leader among small fund management companies in Singapore with an asset under management (AUM) of S$125M+. His experience includes tracking and analysing developments, generating, evaluating, and communicating the best possible investment options to clients and delivering solid results across all forms of investments.

Amul plays a vital role in the day-to-day running of the business, advising and investing in various markets and asset classes. He believes, nothing is more satisfying than proving that investors have made the right choice in coming to Prosperitas and he is always open to long-term investment opportunities in growth companies.





Tey Siaw Hoi (Deirdrey)

Deirdrey has amazing ability to meet deadlines and working with limited resources, quick and sane critical thinking skills allowing better negotiation of problems. She provides vital and out of the box solutions to ever changing situations. She is self- motivated and at the same time influencing others towards company vision and goal. Excellent team player that can work under demanding environment. She has considerable knowledge of modern office methods, practices, procedures, and equipment.

She is a highly organised, detail-orientated and dependable professional who can apply her accounting knowledge and experience to a diverse range of financial issues. Deirdrey is a hard-working, dedicated and ambitious personality who possesses strong theoretical and practical knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles.





Manish (Bobby) Kapur

Manish (Bobby) Kapur is a London based banker with over 30 years experience in Banking. He has worked across London, New York, Singapore and Mumbai. His experience has included working as Vice Chairman at Bank J Safra Sarasin London, Key Clients Committee (until Q1 2021).

Prior to joining Banking J Safra Sarasin, Bobby was Managing Director at Barclays Bank, London for 13 years. He was part of the leadership team in Barclays Bank and was instrumental in the formation of the Key Clients team and was responsible for over $2.5 billion of Barclays balance sheet. Bobby was the Group Relationship Executive to a number of top Barclays Group clients across Corporate & Investment
Banking, Real Estate, and Private Banking.

Prior to joining Barclays, Bobby was lead banker at Merrill Lynch London. Following his MBA graduation from UNC, Chapel Hill, USA, Bobby joined Morgan Stanley Singapore where he established the India client base. Bobby began his banking career as an intern at Goldman Sachs.

In 2018, Bobby established, Mittali & Partners Limited, a UK registered Real Estate Advisory firm. Mittali and Partners has partnered with top Nordic Banks and real estate specialists for Debt origination and structuring, sourcing off-market transactions in the commercial, hotels & hospitality, and affordable housing sectors. (www.mittaliandpartners.com)

In October 2020, Bobby Kapur was appointed President of Investment and Private Banking at The Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club.

Bobby was born and bought up in Mumbai where he graduated from Sydenham College with degrees in Economics and Accounting.

Bobby is a practicing Past-Life therapist as taught by Dr Brian Weiss. He is a student of Shamanism and The Kabbalah. He is currently authoring his first book “The Spiritual Secrets of Billionaires”.